Aniji Bags - Bery Red Fanny Pack (IN STOCK)

This bag is a small and compact bag thats great for light travel or to an event where you can keep your hands free. Its can fit a small wallet, phone, and keys.

The bag is made up of 2 compartments. The front compartment is for you to decorate your bag. You can attach charms, key chains,or pins to the front transparent compartment. You can make it as unique as your heart desire. Your bag will be screaming fun, color, and fashion. It will capture people attention for sure.

There are 3 ways to wear the bag.
1. wear it like a shoulder bag.
2. wear it like a fanny pack with the detachable shoulder strap
3. weave it through a belt and wear it at the waist using the web provided on the back of the bag.

Its ideal for cosplayers when you hang berry around your waist, the small bag can be hidden behind your jacket or cosplay. This leave your hands free to hold your props or to pose with your hands for pictures at conventions.

Use Front attachment pins to pin charms or key chains directly to the foam.
Or use safety pins to pin charms and key chains to the fabric liner inside the Lite Pack.

1 Bery Mini Bag
1 Detachable shoulder straps (can be used for waist strap)

Approx. 8 x 5 x 2inch
Front compartment approx .75 inch depth
Back compartment approx 1.25 inch depth

Charms and Key Chains Not Included

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  • Model: 210010186
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Aniji