Plushie - Fish and Chip Cat

Approximately 25cm

Note: The shape of the plush might not be perfect due to vacuumed sealed packaging during shipping. If this occurs, you can manipulate the cotton by shifting the cotton around with your hands to form your desired shape.

Name Chip

Breed – “Catfish” Taiyaki Cat

Gender - Female

Birth Date: January 15

Personality – Fish and Chip are always together. Chip's best friend is Fish. Chip is happy, outgoing, playful, and high-spirited. Chip is full of life and is always ready to spring into action. Chip is very smart. Chip hates people mistaken her for the ugly fish called “catfish”. Fish just go along with Chip.

Their favorite food – Pizza

Their Favorite activity – loves to eat, play, and sleep

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  • Model: ITA051
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