Aniji Bags - Echo Backpack w/ Green & Black Checker Ita Bag

Introducing Aniji Echo Backpack and Insert Pack. It is a sturdy Backpack great for school, work, or weekend getaway. It can fit up to a 15inch laptop. It has side pockets for keys, cell phone, water bottle, etc.

Themed Insert
This is an opaque images printed on a tear resistant and waterproof material. If you have pins or charms decorations on the Insert Pack, the Themed Insert will cover or hide them. This Insert is removable and can be switched out with a different themes.

This Insert skin is ideal for changing themes on your Echo backpack.

Backpack and Insert Pack are lined with foam.
Foam laptop compartment inside the backpack.
Buckles and Velcros to secure and stabilize Lite pack to the Backpack

Use Front attachment pins to pin charms or key chains directly to the foam.
Or use safety pins to pin charms and key chains to the fabric liner inside the Lite Pack.

1 Backpack Base
1 Insert Pack (Detachable Display Cover)
1 Green and Black Checker Themed Insert (Tear resistant and waterproof material)

Backpack 12 x 5 x 17 inch
Insert Pack 11 x 1 x 16.5 inch
Themed Insert 16 x 10.5 inch

Charms and Key Chains Not Included

Ita Bag, Themed Ita Bag, Demon Slayer, Tanjiro, Anime, Cosplay

All terms subject to change.
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  • Model: 210010181-85
  • Shipping Weight: 3.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Aniji

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